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Help with Electrical Service Upgrades

Are you adding on to your home or building a shop or outbuilding, and concerned your existing electrical service may not be able to handle the new load? At Emerald State Electric, we can meet with you and look over your existing electrical system and your proposed additions, and perform the proper load calculations to determine whether your home and all the surrounding buildings have the proper electrical service size. If a larger electrical service is necessary, we have the team and experience to do the work correctly the first time, so you don't have to pay an electrical contractor more to fix the system after you've realize the hard way your electrical service was undersized.

Occasionally when upgrading an existing electrical panel, a service upgrade is required. Most local utility companies require the residential property electrical service be upgraded to 200 Amps when replacing a main panel if the existing service is less than 200 amps. Upgrading your electrical service during a panel replacement is actually the ideal time, since you and your contractor are already working with the existing service, and much of the area requiring access will already be accessible during the panel change. Some existing 200 amp services occasionally still have to be replaced due to the use of older ring-less type meters which many of the local utility companies no longer allow.

If you think you could be in need of an electrical service upgrade, or if you'd like to have your electrical panel inspected or upgraded, give Emerald State Electric a call or reach out to us using our online quote request form. We're happy to help, and we have the knowledgeable skilled team to help you with upgrading your home's electrical system to code and your utility company's requirements. 253-EMERALD (363-7253).

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