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Older Residential Home Electrical Panel Upgrades

We upgrade dangerous electrical panels with new, safe and modern electrical panels built to adequately handle the modern electrical needs of your home. At Emerald State Electric, all of our panel upgrades always include new breakers, proper grounding and bonding, labeling of your circuits, and a permitted and formally inspected job, so that you can rest assured you've contracted for work which is being done correctly, up to code, and in compliance with local rules and regulations.

How do you know if you may need a panel upgrade?
Many older homes have obsolete, unsafe electrical panels. If you have any of the following panel types, you may seriously want to consider upgrading. Be sure to take a few minutes to read through each of these sections to learn more about the electrical panel type in your home and don't hesitate to get an electrical contractor scheduled to take a look at what it will take to upgrade. Emerald State Electric has qualified electricians available to help home owners with houses in Tacoma – Federal Way – Puyallup – Auburn – Gig Harbor with evaluating the safety status of any of the following older electrical panel. Call us today at 253-EMERALD (363-7253) or use our convenient online quote request form to schedule an in-home electrical assessment.

Want to do a little more research before you call?

We've written helpful blog posts about each of the following types of antiquated electrical panels. Just click on the panel type to read more in depth information about the panel and its electrical danger.

Fuse Box

Fuse boxes are old, outdated over-current protection systems often used in older homes that were wired with knob and tube wiring. Fuse boxes use the screw in style Edison base fuses to trip an overloaded electrical circuit, rather than the circuit breakers in all of today's newly built residential homes... READ MORE

Split Bus

Most major panel manufactures produced split bus panels at one time or another, and they are typically found in homes built or remodeled in the late 1960's - 70's. Although split bus panels are perfectly legal, they are often altered after installation. Sometimes they are improperly wired and no longer meet electrical code, which can often result in overload and fire dangers. Split bus panels can usually be identified by their lack of a true main breaker... READ MORE

Zinsco / FPE

Zinsco and FPE (Federal Pacific) electrical panels are two of the most notoriously dangerous and problematic electrical panels in existence today. They are both frequently found in many older local homes in the King and Pierce County area. For more information regarding the dangers associated with your Zinsco or FPE electrical panel... READ MORE

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