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Residential Outdoor Lighting Upgrades and Replacements

Looking to upgrade your home's old HID outdoor electrical and lighting? Does your house or garage have old high pressure sodium barn lights installed that give everything a yellow/orange hue? Maybe your residential property has CFL (compact fluorescent) lamps installed around the outside and you don't get enough light out of them. Are you tired of getting out the extension ladder every time you need to change a burnt out metal halide lamp outside your house? Would you like to replace your really old mercury vapor outdoor flood lamps and the blue hue they cast everywhere with a lamp offering a white daylight spectrum to help you make out colors more clearly when working outside your house?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, replacing your property's existing HID outdoor electrical and lighting matrix with new, energy efficient LED outdoor lighting is probably something you should consider. Regardless of your reasons, LED outdoor lighting is a great alternative to former HID outdoor electrical lighting technologies. Yes, these new LED outdoor lights are more expensive than their HID counterparts, but not by as much as you might think. A new 150 watt metal halide HID flood light costs around $150-$350 today, compared to a 40 watt LED lamp (a common replacement for a 150 watt metal halide) running $250-$500. While this is nearly double the cost, when you consider an LED lamp will give you 50,000-100,000 more hours of useful life and you'll see an energy savings on your power bill, the investment is more than justifiable. Besides, as LED's become more popular and more lighting manufacturers produce the contemporary LED outdoor lights, the cost of these highly efficient alternatives will continue to come down.

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