Electrical Home Safety Audits

Does Your Home Need a Residential Electrical Safety Audit?

At Emerald State Electric, were dedicated to the idea of providing quality electrical services and ensuring the safety of your electrical system. This is why we've spent so much time creating our proprietary Electrical Home Safety Audit, ensuring it is one of the most comprehensive and thorough electrical safety audits you'll ever have done to your residence.

We've put together a detailed five-page electrical safety inspection form which allows us to methodically and systematically inspect your home's electrical system item by item, ensuring nothing gets overlooked in the process. Each item clearly has a checklist allowing it to be noted as safe, or flagged as an item which needs attention. We leave detailed notes on any possible safety issues we may find, so you are left with a clear understanding of your electrical system and any issues it may have, in an effort to give you the highest level of knowledge about the status of your home's electrical load and fire safety status. We also reference specific NEC (National Electrical Code) and WAC (Washington Administrative Code) codes so you can have peace of mind knowing no one is selling you something you don't need.

Our electrical inspection covers over 112 points of your home's electrical system, including but not limited to, checking your electrical service and load, inspecting the electrical feeders, assessment of your panel breakers, as well as the home's wire condition and conductor size, proper grounding and bonding, GFCI placement and operation, AFCI breaker operation, outlet wiring & polarity, necessary lighting and proper fixture applications, disconnects, proper dedicated circuits, and much, much more.

If you live in Tacoma Federal Way Puyallup Auburn Gig Harbor and would like our knowledgeable and skilled crew at Emerald State Electric to help you with assessing your home's electrical safety, we would be happy to schedule an audit for you. If you're concerned, give yourself the peace of mind, and call us today at 253-EMERALD (363-7253) or use our convenient online quote request form.  

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