Beware of Hazardous Zinsco and FPE (Federal Pacific) Home Electrical Panels!

Both the Zinsco and FPE (Federal Pacific) brands of electrical panels can potentially have breakers that fail to trip (even in electrical overload conditions) and arching where the breakers connect to the bussing. These situations are serious hazards which can result in fire dangers.

Replacement breakers for these panels are also very expensive, because these panels are no longer produced, so they must be found through the various third party manufactures which now produce the replacement breakers. Therefore, it is often cheaper to replace the entire electrical panel with a new panel and new breakers than it is to continually replace faulty breakers over time. Certainly, it is a much safer option to have a new electrical panel installed.

At Emerald State Electric, we replace Zinsco and FPE panels regularly. We are happy to discuss panel replacement options and pricing with you anytime. Give us a call today for your panel upgrade needs at 253-EMERALD (363-7253) or send us an online quote request form.

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