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Dangers Associated with Aluminum Electrical Wiring in your Home

This is an informative blog post from Emerald State Electric regarding the potential danger of the aluminum wiring in some residential homes. If a home has aluminum wiring, we strongly recommend the homeowner solicit the help of a reputable electrical contractor, such as Emerald State Electric, to assess the home and electrical system for potential safety issues.

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Electrical Contracting and Wiring for your Custom Home and Out Buildings

Emerald State Electric has helped many custom home builders and owners realize their dream by providing state of the art electrical wiring services during the building process. If you are embarking upon a custom home or out building project, and you want the help of a quality, professional electrical contractor on your drawings or when you are ready to build, Emerald State Electric is here for you.

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Electrical Services for Hot Tub Installations and Repairs.

Are you planning to purchase and/or install a new hot tub? Is your current hot tub wiring experiencing problems? Emerald State Electric can help you with all your hot tub wiring needs, so you can relax knowing your hot tub is wired for safety and has been properly installed.

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Do You Have Knob and Tube Wiring? Chances Are You Also Have a Dangerous Fuse Box Panel Too!

If you still have a knob and tube fuse box in your home, it's probably time to consider upgrading. Learn more in this great blog post from Emerald State Electric about the electrical dangers associated with these antiquated residential electric panels and what steps to take when you need help replacing a fuse box in your home with a more modern electrical solution...

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What to Know if Your Home has a Split Bus Type of Electrical Panel

Split Bus electrical panels are common in home remodeled during the twentieth mid-century. While they are legal, some split panels have been modified, and no longer meet the latest electrical codes. For more information on what a split bus electrical panel is and how to determine whether yours is up to code...

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Beware of Hazardous Zinsco and FPE (Federal Pacific) Home Electrical Panels!

If your home has either a Zinsco or FPE (Federal Pacific) electrical panel, you will definitely want to have it looked at and most likely replaced. Learn more about the hazards and reputation of these notoriously dangerous and problematic residential electrical panels...

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